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Where Does the Path Begin?

Posted August 26, 2017

All the time, I hear people talk about their “spiritual path”.

It's a phrase I use, too, even overuse.

But where did the path begin?

I was trying to remember my own spiritual start the other day, and wondered whether you could pinpoint a particular time, place or event that put you on your current spiritual path.

Granted, everything in the past brought us to where we are now. But was there some kind of realization, even an awakening, that led you to explore a spiritual life more deeply?


Sometimes I regret that being Spiritual But Not Religious has no conversion experience.

Traditional Christians can point to the day they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, or the day they were baptized. Catholic children had a first communion. Jewish teens had a bar or bat mitzvah.

Of course, some Spiritual But Not Religious people can remember the day they abandoned a traditional church, swearing never to darken the door again.

But can you remember the day you first tried meditation? Or began to question the Bible? Or started trying to live according to spiritual laws? Or tried to manifest something?

If you are like me, these ideas seeped slowly into your awareness. I know a few people who grew up with them, but most “discovered” the ancient teachings over time.

How did it happen for you? Was it a book? A person? A spiritual community? An idea?

I started thinking about this because I heard yet another person declare we should “share our message with the world!” I started to wonder exactly how messages get through to people. What kinds of messages resonate, and through which mediums?

Or does it simply happen when the student is ready?


I can remember several episodes that nudged me onto my path.

When we were teenagers, my brother was enamored with an album of cassette tapes, prosperity teachings from a Unity minister named Jack Boland. We listened to them. My mother and I made treasure scrapbooks to help visualize what we wanted. The three of us talked about affirmations and even reincarnation. I knew thoughts had creative power.

A couple of decades passed with no particular interest in spirituality, until I began to think there must be more to life than work and sleep. I tried a Unity church and, as so many people do, I cried through the whole service, astonished that I had found people who believed what I did.

A couple of years later, I took my first Unity class, which happened to be a metaphysical interpretation of the book of Revelation. Wow, I had never known the Bible could be viewed that way! I was hooked.

My path was pretty traditional, involving church, classes and eventually seminary. That's not for everyone. You might be among those who became spiritual seekers/finders through other channels or even alone.


So I thought it would be fun to hear your story of what changed for you, when and how. If I hear stories from several of you, I'll round them up into another blog sometime soon.

And while you're at it, how would you describe the path you are on? Does it have a name? Does it have certain identifiers? How is it different from any previous path?

In other words, how would you explain it to someone who doesn't have a spiritual path? What has it done for you?

Okay, enough questions! Eager to hear from you. Email me.


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