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How to Stay Spiritual When the World Falls Apart

Posted June 28, 2016

protesters at Supreme Court

If you're trying to be positive or clinging to the belief that there's a spiritual purpose in everything, well, it's been tough lately!

Just in the month of June, we had the Orlando shooting, Brexit, major Supreme Court decisions, and of course, the ever-present Donald Trump.

With so much in play, it's hard to hold onto the idea that “God's in his heaven, all's right with the world,” as poet Robert Browning said.

The good news is, we can choose what to do about it. More important, choose how to think about it.

I blogged about it here on Patheos.


A Child's Astounding View of God

Posted June 21, 2016

boy in the ocean at sunset

What could a 5-year-old know about God?

A lot, of course. There's a little boy in my church who is destined to be a mystic and teacher (in my opinion). He seems to understand the nature of God better than many adults.

I wrote about Westley in this week's blog. His questions and conclusions surprised and delighted me.


How Will You Serve the World?

Posted June 12, 2016

I am taking off this week and won't be writing a blog, but I wanted to share this little video, especially with Father's Day coming up.

It's actor Jim Carrey, saying he realized his purpose in life was to “free people from concern” because of the love and humor he saw modeled by his father.

You never know who will turn out to be spiritual. I mean, here's a guy who was headed for the steel mills of Ontario but managed to become a wacky and wildly successful comedian making millions of dollars.

He says wealth and fame are not where you find your sense of completion, however.

“How will you serve the world?” Carrey asks in this video. “What do they need that your talent can provide?”

Your special contribution doesn't have to fit any existing mold.

“Take a chance on doing what you love. Relax and dream up the good life . . . I'm the proof that you can ask the universe for it.”

I thought you'd enjoy this. It's just four minutes.


In Violent Clashes, Who Is Suffering?

Posted June 7, 2016

funny protesters

Watching the political protesters beat each other up on television reminded me of something said by author Parker Palmer:

“Violence is what happens when we don't know what else to do with our suffering.”

So how do we handle suffering? And what is the suffering being carried by protesters?

I ruminated on it in this week's blog.


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