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Clearing Inner Clutter

Posted May 13, 2017

cartoon cluttered room

I swore I would never move again.

Of course, I say that every time. Yet here I am, going through all my stuff to get ready for the move to Kansas City next month.

(I sent you an email a few days ago to say I'm taking a new job at Unity World Headquarters.)

As always, I'm wondering how I could possibly have so much stuff stuffed into one apartment!

I'm sifting through drawers and cabinets, asking with each item, “Keep it, give away, throw away?”

It's a chore, but I do see the opportunity to renew and refresh the way I'm living.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could do the same with all the inner junk we accumulate?

Clean out that closet of resentments. Straighten the drawer of painful memories. Reach back into the cabinet of old stories and pull out the one that has framed your life in ways no longer useful.


This kind of clean-out is part of our spiritual work. We continually strive to become aware of the junk that trips us up, to declutter the piles of subconscious possessions that threaten to topple onto us when we open the closet door.

When you're moving, you can drag all that stuff into the middle of the room, then decide what to do with each item.

But what do you do with the old stuff hanging around in your head?

If only there were a Goodwill Drop-Off for personal baggage!

We were talking about this other day in my online Healing and Wholeness class, because we know subconscious beliefs can trigger physical or emotional illness.

How do you unearth subconscious memories? And what do you do with them?


I suggested to the students they simply could ask in prayer what they need to know. “Reveal what needs to be revealed, and heal what needs to be healed.”

I also asked to hear about their success with other ways of releasing old beliefs or clearing energy, and ideas came spilling forth! There are so many ways to do this work.

We ended up putting together a list of modalities – programs, methods, practices – that can be used to clean up those inner drawers and closets filled with the subconscious equivalent of broken toys, abandoned games and impulse buys you'd forgotten.

Most of the students included websites where you can learn more, and I added a few with basic information.

Here's the list for your perusal. Some of these I know, and some I'd never heard of, so this isn't a personal endorsement. You might know of other methods.

See whether any are new to you. Maybe pick one to try?

These are all ways of releasing what no longer serves you, just like going through drawers and clearing out clutter.

I'd be interested in hearing what has worked for you.


Angels – try Doreen Virtue

Animal totems – read Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

Byron Katie – The Work

Dreams – or

Healing Touch



Insight Timer has more than 4,000 meditations, including many directed at healing. It's a free app to download.

Kundalini yoga

Positive psychology


Mindfulness Exercises by Thich Nhat Hanh


Quantum Touch – lots of info online and YouTube

Reiki – google it for tons of info

Sound healing, singing bowls

Tapping – Nick Ortner, The Tapping Solution, EFT

Total Biology Decoding


Before You Move Your Feet . . .

Posted May 6, 2017

girl with sign: We Need to Understand

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog suggesting we might recognize Donald Trump as our spiritual teacher and pray for his highest good.

Wow, lots of reaction!

I was spanked by several people (on Facebook) who insisted that ACTION – not “religious mumbo-jumbo” -- is the only way to keep the world from going to hell in a hand-basket.

You can't just sit around and pray! they insisted. Something has to be DONE to combat this evil, terrible new president (their words). And no way is he a “spiritual leader,” they said.

Well, first, I didn't say he's a spiritual leader. I said he's a teacher.

We all know our greatest teachers are sometimes people with whom we have conflict. We learn from them – whether they know it or not – because we have to grow into a better version of ourselves in order to deal with them.

Second, I didn't mean we should pray instead of taking action. Prayer and action are not mutually exclusive. Pray and move your feet, of course.

But action is the easy part. Sure, join the nearest march. Sign a petition. Call your congressional representatives and senators. Give money to organizations that believe the same way you do.

I've got nothing against action, but people this year aren't asking me which actions they can take.

They're asking how they can possibly see the American political situation in spiritual terms.

They're asking how they can overcome their fear and rancor to be for something instead of against it.

They're asking, in so many words, how to calm themselves down and avoid a spiral of despair. Even the Trump supporters see divisions in the country and uncertainty in the future.

So my answer was to pray for the highest good of all.

Go march if you want to. Be furious. Rail against authority if it makes you feel better. (Does it?)

But if you wonder whether there's also a spiritual way to view this, you might consider holding only a vision of good for America, affirming divine order and remembering the divine essence of every human being.

With a higher perspective, your actions might be even more effective.

(The original blog is here if you missed it. Scroll down to March 18.)


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