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Your Soul's Intentions for Your Life

Posted March 28, 2015

abstract  soul art

Do you know your soul's purpose for being here?

On earth, I mean. Being you.

What's it all for? What are you supposed to do with this life?

I have thought about it and taught about it because I truly believe each of us arrives in human form as an extension of a larger soul that has specific intentions, purposes and ways of being.

But for years, I did all this thinking and teaching without actually asking my soul what it was up to!

It is possible to ask, you know. Your soul is right there, hoping to communicate with you more clearly, waiting to be known.

The best way I've found to get in touch is through written dialogue. Write down a question, then let the answer flow.

I had figured that out before I was introduced to author Janet Conner's work about communicating with your soul, but since then, my understanding has grown exponentially.

She says your soul wants five things:

  • To connect with Source
  • To create life
  • To commit to values
  • To serve a purpose
  • To express its beauty fully

Janet discovered the question and answer method of divine communication during a particular crisis in her life. As she explored more deeply, her personal journaling grew into her profession.

Now Janet has developed an online course for each of the five desires of the soul and is writing a book about each. The third, Soul Vows, is being released this week.

Soul Vows cover

You have probably heard me mention Janet Conner before, but in my opinion, this is her best book yet, and I wanted to make sure you knew about it!

Soul Vows is about discovering your soul's values.

Your soul vows are not what you will do during your human life but what your soul intends to be, the divine qualities it came to express.

Wouldn't it help to know what those are?

Each person's soul vows are unique, but take a look at Janet's here. They give you an idea how pithy and profound the soul can be.

  • I unite to create good.
  • I live in partnership.
  • I honor myself.
  • I come from love.
  • I surrender; there is no path but God's.
  • I seek truth.
  • I pray always.

Janet invokes her soul vows as a mystical prayer every day. Actually she chants them.

I'm still getting acquainted with my own soul vows (which is why I'm not sharing them here!), but they have allowed me to see myself in a new way – a more powerful and connected way.

And they surprised me, because they have nothing to do with my activities. I would have assumed my soul is here to write and teach spiritual principles, but that's just my current vehicle for expression.

My soul's real intentions are the way it wants to show up in any undertaking. They can be carried out no matter what is happening.

At first, Janet said, she assumed her soul vows were a simple deal between her and the divine. She would do her part, and God would handle the rest.

Then just a couple of years ago, she realized the Divine was speaking through her whenever she spoke her vows.

“For example,” she said, “for years, I thought ‘I come from love' meant I do my work with love. But one day as I was saying that vow, something shifted, and I realized that isn't what that vow means at all.

“ ‘Come from love' means I come from the divine nursery of love. I don't generate the love, I was generated by love. Do you hear the difference?

“Think of it, I was conceived in Love, born of Love, and continue to live in a womb of Love. I can barely say that vow without tearing up.”

Thanks to this work, I know I am here to carry out my soul's divine purposes as Ellen, to contribute to my soul's growth through everything I do, and to allow my soul to express itself in my human experience.

Of course, the same is true for you.

If you're interested in learning more from your soul, check out Soul Vows. You might be amazed why you're here and what your soul wants you to be!

PS - Janet explains more about Soul Vows in a series of videos on her website.


Who Wrote Your Manual for Life?

Posted March 21, 2015

Steel Magnolias

Maybe it's because he writes about Southern women in tones of wonderment.

Or because I catch myself still conforming to my mother's rules. (“Don't wear white after Labor Day.”)

Or maybe because I'm a recovering people pleaser, too.

But I really enjoyed last week's blog by Terry Drew Karanen in Pennsylvania. He is one of the world's most delightful men, who works both as a New Thought minister and as a flight attendant. He has a lofty perspective!

Terry agreed I could reprint his blog, so let me introduce you:

The Southern Belle Primer

by Terry Drew Karanen

Terry Drew KaranenWhy do you care what other people think of you? As a recovering people-pleaser, I've been asked that question a lot.

The first thought that comes to mind is the admonition from my mother that I must always wear clean underwear. That way, the paramedics and nurses won't think less of me if I'm in a car accident.

Someone reading this just smiled because his/her mother told them the same thing. I mean, “Huh?” If my underwear isn't clean, the hospital staff will not treat me? Really?

Click to read more (and scroll down a bit after you click through) . . .


How Do You Bounce Back?

Posted March 14, 2015

green shoot through crack

Have you heard of a Chief Resilience Officer?

It's a new job position being established in certain cities to cope with crises.

I love the job description. These officers pull together resources to give cities “the capacity to survive, adapt and grow, no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience.”

Wow, don't you wish you had a Chief Resilience Officer for your life?

I want someone who will handle the chronic stresses or acute shocks I experience, someone who will help me survive, adapt and grow no matter what!

Resilience, the dictionary says, is to recover from misfortune, to become strong, healthy or successful again after something bad happens.

And now it's an actual job!

Quick background: The Rockefeller Foundation has set an intention to pay for Chief Resilience Officers in 100 cities worldwide and to support their resilience plans not only for fires, earthquakes and floods but for food and water shortages, crumbling infrastructure or high unemployment.

Even terrorism, disease pandemics, economic collapse and climate change are on the list of possible problems that require resilience.

Resilience is not the same as disaster preparedness because it's not just reacting to what happens. Ideally, it's proactive. Chief Resilience Officers – CROs for short -- do whatever needs doing, crossing lines between government, business and education to connect experts to each other.

I looked at the ideal qualities for a CRO listed on the Rockefeller Foundation website: reflective, robust, flexible, resourceful, inclusive, integrated.

Yes! That's exactly why I want one! My CRO could take over my life and handle everything.

Their areas of expertise dovetail nicely with my individual needs.

  • Health and Wellbeing – Good, someone needs to pay attention to that for me.
  • Economy and Society – For me, that's money and friends.
  • Infrastructure and Environment – That would be my car, house and property. Maybe my CRO would recycle and compost for me, too.
  • Leadership and Strategy – My CRO is a career guide who understands my life's purpose even when I don't!

Wouldn't it be a relief to have someone in your life who spots trouble, creates solutions and calls in the cavalry when anything goes wrong? Someone with the flexibility and ingenuity to deal with new problems you never imagined you'd have, as well as old ones you've never been able to solve?

Chief Resilience Officer.

I'm adding it to my Someday Vision, alongside the personal chef and private jet.

What would your CRO do for you, to help you be resilient?

Mine would help me:

  • bounce back from disappointments
  • recover from illnesses
  • let go of old grievances
  • replenish my bank account
  • heal the wounds of relationships
  • work through grief
  • cope with unwanted change

Oh wait. I guess I have the inner resources to do all those things for myself.

My Chief Resilience Officer might already be a part of me, along with my Inner Wisdom and Higher Self.

My Inner Resilience Officer reminds me that help is always available, that any problem can be figured out, and that what appears to be a disaster might be just the opportunity I need for personal renewal and fresh priorities.

It assures me I am strong and came here to play big. It opens the floodgates of divine love to flow through my life and guides divine power as I create my experience.

Resilience: To return to a state of strength, health and success.

That is the power of resurrection.


"I Already Know This"

Posted March 7, 2015


Have you been on a spiritual path for a while now?

Read spiritual books?

Heard spiritual speakers?

Been to spiritual workshops?

Tried new spiritual practices?

Are you wondering whether there's anything new under the spiritual sun?

You may be suffering from I Already Know This Syndrome!

This malady has been identified as a major block to happiness that also can induce eye-rolling, sighing, mouthing the words to songs or dozing off in prayer.

You may have contracted I Already Know This Syndrome if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Workshop Weariness. If one more person claims they can change my life in two hours . . .

Speaker Cynicism. I'm not spending money on a ticket. I can hear that guy on TV anytime, and all his books say the same things!

Church Complaints. It used to be stimulating, but now it's just one more day I have to get up, get dressed and go somewhere.

Book Boredom. Doesn't anyone have something new to say?

Practice Paralysis. I used to meditate and pray and om and light candles and chant, but ya know, I'm busy. It's not realistic.

What is the remedy for this insidious syndrome?

Well, look in your toolbox at home. See that hammer? If you need to drive a nail, will you say, “I already know how to use a hammer. I've used it a million times. Isn't there some new way to drive a nail?”

No, chances are, you will pick up the hammer and use it again!

View your spiritual toolbox in the same way. Yes, you already know basic principles and practices. You've heard them taught by a variety of speakers and authors, and they are pretty much the same.

Because truth is truth. Principles never change. They may be old hat, but they're essential when you need them.

I was thinking about this last week while editing the manuscript for Hell in the Hallway, Light at the Door, my new book that should be out this summer.

It's about the spiritual path through change and transition, about what to do when one door has closed and the next has not yet opened. (It can be hell in the hallway.)

And I was thinking – people already know this! I'm writing about acceptance, surrender, forgiveness, prayer. Yeah, sure, but where is the bright new idea that will change lives??

The thing is, acceptance, surrender, forgiveness and prayer can be profoundly effective when your life seems to have fallen apart. Like a hammer when you need to drive a nail. Old and familiar, yes. But the best tools for the job.

  • If you were sick, you'd take the same medicine that helped last time.
  • If you found a shortcut to work, you'd take it every day.
  • Heck, if a pickup line worked on one attractive person, you'd probably use it again!

You might occasionally run across a new teaching that deepens your understanding of spiritual law – like discovering a new kitchen gadget at the gourmet store – but the basic recipe is the same.

Spiritual growth is not about constantly discovering new ideas. It's about applying the golden oldies to new situations. Then the learning will continue.

And I know you already know this!

Maybe you will cut back on workshops, speakers and books. That could be perfect for where you are now. Listen to your inner wisdom instead. Follow the guidance of your Higher Self.

You do know what to do. You have amassed knowledge. And it will continue to be useful as you traverse this human experience.

But nothing will be wiser than your own heart. Let the divine love you are made of be your greatest teacher.


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