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Our New Spiritual Teacher

Posted December 19, 2015

There's a new spiritual teacher on the scene: Donald Trump.

Stay with me here – this isn't about politics. You can form your own opinions about Trump's ideas.

I'm talking about the process he is using to keep himself at the top of the polls and the front of the news.

He is doing exactly what we spiritual-but-not-religious students of Truth and principle say we intend to do: Focus on our vision like a laser beam and not be dissuaded by outer appearances.

Not by criticism or disapproval.

Not by authorities or polls.

Not by hecklers.

Thanks goodness most of us don't have our decisions lampooned by late-night comedians, because even those would have to be ignored.

Donald Trump is doing exactly what the Law of Attraction teachers tell us to do.

He is winning because he believes he is worthy of receiving whatever he wants.

He isn't spending money on advertising because he doesn't believe he should have to. He gets “free media” on the news.

And he is the top news story day after day because he believes he deserves to be.

Trump is getting attention not only because he keeps saying things that are considered outrageous by the establishment. He believes whatever he says is newsworthy and should echo around the world.


Trump is demonstrating something else, too: The law is neutral.

The creative power of our thoughts works with energy, regardless of whether we're doing the right thing, whether our motives are pure, or whether we understand the cosmic laws that govern the universe.

This energy is available for the use of anyone, anytime, for any purpose. Good or bad, serious or frivolous, Republican or Democrat. The law is always operating.

In Star Wars, The Force can be used for good or ill, light or darkness. That's how principle works.

And that's the primary objection I hear to working with spiritual law. People are afraid they'll use it amiss or create from selfish motives.

This is where Trump becomes a cautionary tale.


It's wonderful to learn that our beliefs create our reality. That means we have a say in what happens; we are no longer trapped in our circumstances.

Most people who learn about the law start making vision boards or saying affirmations, trying to keep their minds focused on what they want to create.

They learn manifestation techniques and rejoice in demonstrations. This stuff works!

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is already a master at this kind of creation, whether he is aware of the law or not. He has manifested what a great many humans think they want: wealth, status and a gilded life.

Nothing wrong with that.

In fact, I've heard voters say Trump's very success gives them confidence in him. Look at what he's already done! Let's give him the country to run!

Now, I don't know Donald Trump beyond what I've seen on television.

But as far as I can tell, Trump is creating purely from the level of personality, using only his human brain. And there are problems with that.

  • It has a tendency to distract us from the divine inner presence, especially when it succeeds as magnificently as Trump has at the worldly level. We forget we have greater power yet.
  • It leaves us subject to human foibles – fear, negativity, greed -- and the shared beliefs of our society, such as illness, aging, death and economic crashes.
  • You can also come across like an arrogant blowhard if you go around bragging how good you are at manifestation.


The more advanced method is to turn creation over to the divine within. As Jesus put it, “seek first the kingdom of God,” and everything else will fall into place.

This not only works as well or better than brain-based creating, but it leads to a new level of living.

Don't you know people (maybe you) who have chosen a spiritual path -- drawing closer to their I AM Presence -- whose lives now are blossoming with opportunities, creativity and money?

They are living beyond their wildest dreams, not because they made a vision board but because they turned their creative process over to their own higher selves, then trusted their inner wisdom.

You can spot them.

  • They speak about the results in terms of astonishment and gratitude.
  • They keep surrendering, and their lives keep improving.
  • Their guidance becomes clearer and stronger, and they end up leading charmed lives.

At one level, this is handing over the reins of your life to God as you understand God. But as a spiritual master who knows his or her own divinity, this means living AS the divine Presence.

Not just “let go and let God,” but BE God.

This yields greater riches than gold-plated skyscrapers with your name on them. This kind of spiritual growth and wisdom is something you can take with you.


Next time you watch Donald Trump, listen for his positive statements of intention and notice his self-assurance. He simply KNOWS he can create whatever he wants and deserves to have it.

If we had that much self-assurance while living at the level of divine consciousness instead of material creation, imagine all the good we could do! Which would include wealth for ourselves and the world.

So our goal, in trusting spiritual principle, is not to rely purely on our human minds to create our experience. That works, but it's not enough.

We want to create from a state of surrender, leaving us open at the top for divine input and inspiration. We want to marvel at the good we never could have imagined.

I can hardly wait until we have a national figure showing us what that looks like.

PS – Which works better for you? To work consciously at creating your life through visualization, etc? Or to turn it over to a higher power and follow your guidance? Is it possible to do both?


It Says Whaaaaat?

Posted December 12, 2015

video preview

Now, take a deep breath. I want to talk today about the Bible.

Wait, wait – before you click away – it starts out funny.

In this first video, a couple of Dutch kids wrapped the Bible in a cover that identified it as the Koran, then read outrageous passages to people on the street.

You've gotta see their flabbergasted reactions.

You probably aren't surprised that the Bible includes passages of violence and sexism. But what are we to make of that?

After all, we are still told regularly that the Bible is literal and infallible and should be the governing document for our country and our lives.

So let me defer to an expert, Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong, who wrote in his column last week:

“The Bible is not the ‘word of God!'

“It never has been. No one who has ever read the Bible in its entirety could possibly defend that suggestion.

John Shelby Spong“This bizarre and irrational idea was rather imposed upon this ancient text long after its books had been written, collected and bound together as a single volume.

“In its original form, the Bible is a chronicle of the history of a particular tribe or people as they journeyed in time trying to make sense out of their life and of their God. Its pages are filled with mythic legends, memories, folk tales and the story-telling tradition of the Middle East . . .

“All the authors of the books of the Bible made assumptions that were common to people living between 1000 BCE and 140 CE, which appear to be the dates during which the books of the Bible were written. Many, perhaps most, of those assumptions cannot be made by people living in the world of expanded knowledge available to us today.

“This makes understanding the Bible, or sometimes even treating its literal words with reverence, quite difficult.”

No kidding.

The trouble is, if we only focus on the parts we like, we're accused (by some) of picking and choosing among “God's word.”

Which is exactly what I do with the Bible. It's what everyone does, even the people who claim to take it all literally.

But I do see value in addressing the difficult parts. Violence and sexism are still familiar in our society. Maybe we haven't come as far as we think.

So my question for you is: Is the Bible any good to us anymore? Or is it hopelessly outdated? Do you use it, or do you even care?

As for the Koran, keep in mind it is several centuries newer than the Bible. And it, too, reflects its times, revealed to Muhammad from 609-632 CE.

Again, I offer you some experts. These young Muslims made a film to try to respond to the attacks in Paris.

We will give them today's final word.

PS – If you don't already know Bishop John Shelby Spong, you'd like him. Try reading The Sins of Scripture: Exposing the Bible's Texts of Hate to Reveal the God of Love. He wrestles with the difficult parts of the Bible concerning women, minorities, gays, children and even the environment.


And Still More Death

Posted December 5, 2015


Just after I wrote last week about the meaning of death, we had another mass shooting in the United States, this time in the middle of a holiday office party in San Bernardino, California.

I don't usually address current events because, well, what can you say?

And it's easy to end up sounding political, which turns some people off.

But the news kept me thinking about death all week.

Never mind the gun laws.

Never mind the presidential candidates' reactions to this latest outrage.

Never mind whether the shooters were what we call terrorists. (Don't all shooters terrify us, regardless of their religion or national origin? For the record, most of our mass shooters are white American men who are at least culturally Christian.)

Never mind all that. Let's talk again about the spiritual meaning of death.


I was gratified so many of you wrote last week to let me know you understood and agreed that death is a soul choice and probably happens when a person's soul has finished what it came to earth to do.

I find the idea comforting, and several of you said you do, too, even some with very recent deaths in the family.

But it's not simply about their soul's choice to die. Our souls choose to live through it and learn from it.

If it's in our experience, then I believe somehow we volunteered for it.

We all know that in the course of our human lifetimes, some of the people we love will die.

But some deaths are shocking and unexpected and leave a hole in the middle of your chest where a cold wind whistles through. Some alter your outlook on life forever.

What could our souls possibly learn from devastating loss and grief and sadness? Why would they agree to the worst of human experience?

I believe it's a further lesson in love.

Loving a person in the flesh is part of the lesson, and loving them after their death is another. The good times with them and the sad times without them are both part of the survivor's soul's journey.

Don't you think?


I was digging out my Christmas movies on DVD the other day and ran across one of my favorites, Love Actually.

It is built around the 1967 hit song “Love Is All Around” and the line, “Love actually IS all around.”

Have you seen it? (If you watch an uncensored version, keep little kids out of the room. There's “adult” language. But the nudity is tasteful.)

On the surface, the movie is about romantic love, but look more closely. There are parents and children, siblings, coworkers and friends. There's jealousy, unrequited love, and grief when a loved one has passed.

Love has many faces. If we are truly to experience all aspects of love, we have to deal with rejection, loss and grief. They are as much a part of love as wine and roses. Or holding a newborn. Or watching the kids open presents on Christmas morning.

Love can make your heart pound with exhilaration, and it can rip your heart out of your body. Love can bring sunshine into every day or draw clouds over your life.

But it's all love.

The soul supplies this love. Sure, some of it is human emotion, but the flow of divine love through us and into the world comes through the soul.

Some souls are more open to the flow than others. Which brings us back to mass shootings.


I'd like to share a message from Sanaya, a group of energies channeled by Suzanne Giesemann. (If you're not familiar with Suzanne, you'd like her. Check out her website.)

Sanaya has been addressing the latest attack and said Friday:

Beware of “us vs. them” thinking. When conceived in judgment, it results in anger, fear, and other lesser qualities of the human personality.

Be aware there is another aspect of you: that of the soul. All humans are souls. Note that we did not say, “All humans have a soul.” All humans are souls.

In your headlines you are reading of humans who are unaware of who they and all others are. Their souls have not ignited, for if they had, they could not harm another.

All humans are experiencing various states of awareness of the soul, which is how you learn and grow. Growth is not without pain, for pain is part of the human experience.

As you experience suffering, recognize that you are identifying with the human aspect of yourself. Peace always lies within . . . within the soul that is you.

If you wish to find peace whilst still aware of the headlines and whilst still aware that love is there in the midst of suffering, shift your identification from the human aspect to the soul.

And equally important, know that no matter what state you identify with, Love is there.

I can only say, Amen.

PS -- My new book is about this very topic – how to live through difficult changes then carry on with life. One woman, who came by this week to buy five more copies for friends, told me she is grateful someone finally said out loud that life can be hell! And still be spiritual.

Hell in the Hallway, Light at the Door is on Amazon, B&N and Indiebound.


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